How Starting Valuations Could Make Or Break Your Retirement

2019-03-25 08_16_43-Hammer, mallet, wooden and toy HD photo by Markus Spiske (@markusspiske) on Unsp“While the market has long periods of high returns, it has even more long period of low returns. Investors have seen entire decades delivering nothing but losses,” notes the author of today’s article – and this reality is critical for retirement planners to be cognizant of, given that financial advisors often use overly optimistic return assumptions when creating retirement plans for clients. For more – including how today’s lofty valuations could “determine your returns for the next 10 years” – CLICK HERE.

It’s National Retirement Planning Week. Here’s How You Can “Celebrate” (For Free!)

2018-04-08 20_18_47-Free stock photos of planning · PexelsIt’s National Retirement Planning Week – and in the spirit thereof (and given the market’s wild ride of late), the author of today’s article advises that “you may…want to set aside some time to see where your retirement plans stands and what the likelihood is that you’ll be able to fund a long and satisfying retirement.” He outlines two steps you can take in that regard – and highlights some free online tools that can aid you in your assessment. For more, CLICK HERE.

Will Tax Reform Leave Your Retirement Income “Rothified”?

2017-08-13 10_24_12-Rolled 20 U.s Dollar Bill · Free Stock PhotoIn the wake of their failure on health care reform, Republicans in Washington are determined to pass tax reform – and as today’s article notes, “among the tax reform proposals currently being discussed is one that would convert part or all of workers’ tax-deferred 401(k) contributions to Roth 401(k) contributions, which are made after taxes have been removed.” What would this “Rothification” of retirement plans mean in practical terms for middle-income workers now and in retirement? CLICK HERE to read more.

How To Keep More Of Your Retirement Savings In Your 401(k) – And Out Of The Pockets Of Fund Managers

2017-03-05 21_15_26-Free stock photo of account, bank account, banking2016 was a banner year for 401(k)-related lawsuits, as employees felt the need to take legal action in order to have issues with sub-par retirement plans rectified – and, as the author of today’s article acknowledges, the issues that prompted these lawsuits are unlikely to improve under the current regime in Washington. As such, he outlines three things to look out for with 401(k) plans that can significantly impact how much money you have for your retirement – and how much money is lost to fund managers and other plan middlemen. To find out what these are, CLICK HERE.