Ease Financial And Retirement Worries With An “Intentional Life Plan”

2019-10-13 21_33_08-Cup, coffee cup and coffee shop _ HD photo by Daria Shevtsova (@daria_shevtsova)You may have a will in place, but what about a power of attorney, an advanced directive, or a financial plan? A recent survey found that few people actually use these tools that the author of today’s article argues “are so important for successful lives” – and which can ease financial and retirement worries. He proceeds to outline how to create what may be the most important tool in this regard: an “intentional life plan”. For more, CLICK HERE.

It’s National Retirement Planning Week. Here’s How You Can “Celebrate” (For Free!)

2018-04-08 20_18_47-Free stock photos of planning · PexelsIt’s National Retirement Planning Week – and in the spirit thereof (and given the market’s wild ride of late), the author of today’s article advises that “you may…want to set aside some time to see where your retirement plans stands and what the likelihood is that you’ll be able to fund a long and satisfying retirement.” He outlines two steps you can take in that regard – and highlights some free online tools that can aid you in your assessment. For more, CLICK HERE.