Bull, Bear Or In-Between: When Is It Better To Retire?

2018-11-29 21_47_07-200+ Amazing Numbers Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosAre you better off retiring in a bull market or a bear market? For those who have the option of retiring now while the good times are still here or waiting until things go south, this is an especially salient question. In today’s article, the author runs the numbers on retiring during a raging bull market versus retiring in a bear market, and shows why the latter may be better. For more – including some insights on retiring during times of uncertainty when there is neither a bull market nor a bear market – CLICK HERE.

Expectations Game: How Long Will Your Retirement Last?

2018-04-26 08_47_22-500+ Beautiful Old Age PhotosIt’s one of the most important numbers when it comes to devising your retirement plan – but also one of the most difficult to pinpoint: how many years will your retirement last? The author of today’s article notes that “for many people this number is basically a wild guess, if it’s considered at all. That’s a problem because getting this right can be the difference between having a comfortable retirement and not.” So what does the data indicate about how long your retirement will last based on your current age and your retirement age? CLICK HERE.