Retirement Income Planning, From The Floor Up

2019-05-08 22_11_52-Person Holding White Book Planner · Free Stock Photo“The bottom line is that generating secure income to meet our retirement goals for an uncertain period of time is extremely challenging,” acknowledges the author of today’s article, who likens this task to “trying to hit a moving target in the wind.” He proceeds to outline one approach to doing so – the so-called flooring approach. How does the flooring approach to retirement income planning work, who is this strategy suited for, and what are some important flooring “flipsides” so consider? CLICK HERE.

Rebalancing: An Overlooked Retirement Income Strategy?

2018-01-28 14_18_58-Free stock photo of blur, cash, close-upThe author of today’s article argues that people make a critical mistake when it comes to retirement income planning: “limiting their strategy to interest and dividends and neglecting the power of rebalancing to capture portfolio growth as an additional income source.” So how can rebalancing be used to create a paycheck in retirement? The author outlines an example of how it can be done, as well as several factors to consider when carrying out this strategy. For more, CLICK HERE.