A 3-Step Crash Test For Your Retirement Portfolio

2017-07-18 22_17_49-Brown Rope · Free Stock PhotoWhether a major market setback is imminent or still a ways off, the author of today’s article argues that “now is a good time to gauge how your retirement portfolio would likely hold up if the markets were to slump and make needed changes before a downturn occurs” – and he proceeds to outline a 3-step process for this. Are you more heavily invested in stocks than you think (and want) after eight years of gains? How can you ballpark the potential hit your portfolio will take during a major setback and determine what adjustments – if any – to make? CLICK HERE for more.

Take One Aspirin: How Impending Retirees Should Deal With Market Volatility

2016-06-05 18_12_52-Morguefile.com free stock photosIf there’s one word that aptly describes stock prices so far this year, that word is volatility. And, as today’s article points out, “ those saving for and those living in retirement are becoming increasingly fearful of putting their life savings at risk in markets that fall and rise as they have this year.” But is this fear warranted? The author outlines the findings of a study showing that, while stock market volatility has increased when measured on a daily basis, “when measured using monthly increments, there has been no discernable change in return volatility.” So, how should retirees and soon-to-be-retirees change their thinking and behavior when it comes to risk – and what do aspirin and golf swings have to do with it? CLICK HERE to find out.