How To “Win With Small Steps” – And Boost Your Retirement Savings By $800,000 Or More

2019-06-16 09_34_09-Man Walking on Gray Stairs · Free Stock PhotoIf you’re one of the (too) many Americans that have too little – or nothing at all – in the way of retirement savings, a simple strategy that could boost your savings by $800,000 (and possibly even more) sounds like something worth having a look at – and that’s exactly what the author of today’s article outlines. And while getting the maximum benefit from this strategy requires having many years until retirement, it can still make a significant difference for those close to retirement. For more on this “win with small steps” strategy, CLICK HERE.

Navigating The Critical Final 12 Months Before Retirement “Kickoff”

2018-10-04 21_05_08-30+ Great Calendar Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosThe ultimate success of your retirement plan may depend to a significant degree on moves made – or not made – during the final 12 months before your actual retirement date. Today’s article outlines a number of considerations, as identified by financial experts, for this critical period – considerations pertaining to investments, debts and homes, expenses, taxes and lifestyle. For more, CLICK HERE.

Relocating In Retirement: Are You Doing It Wrong?

2018-05-10 21_14_18-500+ Engaging Highway PhotosWhether it’s for family, lifestyle or financial reasons, relocation is a part of retirement for many Americans. However, the author of today’s article cautions that, “Whatever the reason, retirees appear to be making two big mistakes with their homes. They seem to vastly misunderstand the home as an investment decision, and they don’t consider the financing options available to them at all.” Is buying a home a better investment for retirees than stocks? And if retirees do buy a home, what financing option may be better than a conventional mortgage? CLICK HERE.

Retirement Lifestyles Of The Wealthy…And You?

2016-06-12 free stock photosThink that the retirement lifestyles of the rich are completely out of reach? You may be wrong! According to today’s article, many high-net-worth people are living more modest retirements than we may envision: “High-wealth retirees may not necessarily be using their money to buy luxury yachts and gold-plated dishware, but their money does buy them something else: freedom.” What can retirees of lesser means learn from wealthy retirees? What retirement dream do advisors say people are often surprised to find is more affordable than they expected? What retirement budget killer ends up costing significantly more than expected? CLICK HERE to read more.

Assessing Retirement Readiness

2016-04-11 06_10_37-Microsoft Office Picture ManagerAre you on track to have enough money to fund your desired lifestyle in retirement? Today’s article outlines four methods used by the experts to make this determination and identifies which methods are best depending on how far away one is from retirement. Which method does the author state is “perhaps the most accurate way to determine whether you’re financially ready”? And what can you do should you discover that you’re not as on-track as you thought? CLICK HERE to read more.