The Dominator & The Disruptor: 2 Biotech Stocks To Consider For Market-Beating Returns

One of the biotech stocks highlighted in today’s article is a well-established, large-cap name. The other is a far less established, small-cap player with no products currently on the market. What the two have in common, according to the author, is that both “have made significant breakthroughs — and could provide market-beating returns for many years to come as a result.” For these two biotech stocks to consider – one that currently dominates the cystic fibrosis market and one that is likely to disrupt the diabetes market – CLICK HERE.

Filtering The Universe Of Stocks Down To 5 Picks For Income-Seekers

2018-10-28 22_18_08-Bloodmoon, moon, eclipse and lunareclipse HD photo by Benjamin Voros (@vorosbeniToday’s article outlines a screening process whereby the over 7500 companies traded on U.S. exchanges are filtered down to five large-cap, dividend-paying companies currently trading at large discounts that may be especially attractive to investors over age 50 – or any income-seeking investor. Specifically, these five stocks “all have “A-” or better debt-rating, at least 10% dividend growth in the last 5 years, have at least 10 years of dividend history and trading on an average of -21% from their 52-week highs. Their average dividend at this time is 4.22%.” CLICK HERE.