Why These Funds Could Be The “New Retirement Income”

2020-02-23 20_04_37-White Textile Beside Lit Candle · Free Stock Photo“With powerful demographic forces keeping interest rates lower for longer, investors (and financial advisors!) need to adjust their thinking for the future,” declares the author of today’s article, who cites a report from Morgan Stanley warning that, over the next 10 years, returns from a traditional 60/40 portfolio will be close to a century low. So what can investors do to get higher yields in this environment? The author recommends a particular type of investment structure offering much higher yields. For more, CLICK HERE.

A Field Guide To “The Wilder Side Of Retirement Investing”

2019-12-20 08_37_29-Man Holding Teacup Infront of Laptop on Top of Table Inside the Room · Free StocInterval funds. Non-traded real estate investment trusts. Private placements. In the hunt for higher yields, superior total returns and diversification, the author of today’s article notes that retirees “are venturing into some murky waters” – and cautions that “Investors considering a foray into less-liquid, more-complex holdings need to scrutinize these investments’ fees, withdrawal restrictions, valuations, volatility and other risks.” For her “field guide to this “wilder side of retirement investing”, CLICK HERE.

These 2 “Innovative” ETFs Can Help Boost Retirement Income

2018-08-18 20_38_49-30+ Engaging Innovative Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosWith paltry bond yields on one hand and the risks associated with high-yielding funds and stocks on the other, generating enough income in a low interest rate environment can be challenging for retirees. However, today’s article highlights two “innovative” ETFs that the author sees as offering slightly higher yields while mitigating risks. The first of these two funds seeks out not just high dividends but high sustainable dividends, and the second fund seeks to get extra yield from high-quality large-caps. For more, CLICK HERE.

Follow The Rich And Fund A “Dividends-Only” Retirement

2018-07-08 06_57_34-Window“If you follow rich people, you’ll notice that they never actually sell any assets – they instead use them to generate more and more cash flow. We can – and should – do the same,” argues the author of today’s article – who proceeds to highlight five dividend paying (and dividend growing) stocks that have meaningful (above 5%) yields today and the prospect for higher yields and price appreciation going forward. For these five stocks, CLICK HERE.

How Retirees Can Get Above Average Returns From Their Bond Portfolios

2018-06-02 20_28_54-Where the light come from photo by Agathe Marty (@agathemarty) on UnsplashThe author of today’s article outlines how retirees – or any bond investor – “can construct a portfolio of bonds whose total return will almost certainly be higher than the average of those individual bonds’ yields.” How does one accomplish this? By bond laddering – and while you are probably familiar with the concept of bond laddering, you may not be familiar with how “unexpectedly good” a bond ladder’s total return can be. For more, CLICK HERE.