3 Healthcare REITs With Rich Yields For Retirees

2018-09-25 19_41_11-500+ Beautiful Health Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“The number of Americans over 65 years of age is expected to double to around 98 million by 2060,” notes the author of today’s article – making the three high-yielding real estate investment trusts he proceeds to highlight (each of which owns medical buildings or housing facilities that will be in increasing demand as the country ages) potentially ideal investments for retirees and near-retirees. For these three high-yield healthcare REITs – sporting yields up to 8.7% – CLICK HERE.

High-Yield, High-Quality Leaders: 3 Stocks To Help Build Your Nest Egg

2017-11-05 19_14_30-Free stock photo of apartment, architecture, blue skyThe three stocks highlighted in today’s article offer above-average dividend yields (and the potential for years of continued dividend growth) as well as strong prospects for long-term returns, as each of the companies in question is a leader in its respective industry. As a result, the authors believe these three stocks are ideal picks for helping to build a retirement nest egg. To find out what these stocks are – a branded-food products leader, an oil and natural gas midstream leader, and a healthcare REIT leader – CLICK HERE.