Meet The New ‘Bonds’ For Retirement

2020-02-20 23_21_23-Trees in Park · Free Stock PhotoWith longer life expectancies and lower interest rates, among other factors, the traditional 60/40 portfolio “just won’t be able to cut it anymore”, according to some financial experts. Instead, greater allocations to equities will be needed – and dividend stocks will become the new bonds for retirement. One place investors can look for higher yields for their retirement portfolios? Business Development Companies, which are averaging annual yields of nearly 10%. For more, CLICK HERE.

If All That Matters Is Your Dividends, Consider These 7 Quality, High-Yield Stocks

2020-02-19 20_11_06-White Paper With Note · Free Stock Photo“The only thing that matters to me in the short-term is my dividends,” declares the author of today’s article when it comes to his retirement portfolio. As a result, he only checks the value of his retirement portfolio once a year. Between those yearly reviews, he notes, “I’m collecting an exponentially growing stream of safe dividends that put me closer to my dream of a dividend funded financial independence closer with every weekly buy and limit order that fills.” For seven high-yield stocks he is adding to his retirement portfolio, CLICK HERE.

High-Conviction Retirement Portfolio Pullback Picks

2020-01-02 19_55_23-Man Holding Folder Crossing the Road · Free Stock PhotoThe author of today’s article believes a pullback is very likely this year – and when that anticipated pullback arrives (and other investors are fearful) there are five “top priority” stocks they will be greedily buying for their retirement portfolio, noting that “Each is a quality company growing at a rapid pace that should deliver strong double-digit returns over time.” For these five high-conviction pullback picks – including what the author notes is “the only non-dividend stock I own or plan to own for the foreseeable future” – CLICK HERE.

“Massive Cash Returns” Makes This One Of The Best Stocks For Retirees

2019-12-17 07_16_08-WindowWhat makes the stock highlighted in today’s article “one of the best stocks for retirees and dividend investors”? Among other things, 36 consecutive years of dividend growth (including a recently announced 2% dividend increase), rewarding investors with big cash returns through share buybacks (including a recently announced $4 billion share buyback), and capital appreciation thanks to steady share price growth. Most importantly, the author outlines how “the company’s strategy of returning massive cash to investors appears safe.” For more, CLICK HERE.

The “Simple Wealth-Building Tools” At Everyone’s Disposal For Achieving Financial Independence

2019-11-21 21_48_35-Jengga blocks during daytime photo – Free Flora Image on UnsplashDoes building a portfolio worth $1 million – and capable of generating at least $30,000 in annual dividend income – sound like a goal that’s completely out of reach, or like an achievable goal worth pursuing? The author of today’s article argues that the difference between those who respond negatively to this idea and those who respond positively to it is that individuals in the latter group “understand the simple mechanics behind achieving financial independence, and [are] using the tools within their disposal to get there.” What are these “simple wealth-building tools” within everyone’s disposal? CLICK HERE.

Protecting Your Wealth From A “Tax The Rich” Government

2019-09-27 20_38_30-White Graphing Paper · Free Stock PhotoElizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders may or may not become president. And Democrats’ chances of taking complete control of Congress appear slim. Still, the author of today’s article expresses concern that “If the Dems take over, the top federal bracket goes to 50%, the cap on payroll taxes goes away and dividends and capital gains lose their favorable rates. Would the wealth tax start at $50 million? Of course not. Plan on $5 million.” So how can wealthier Americans protect their assets from such a scenario? CLICK HERE.

Fundamental Principles For Designing A Dividend Growth Portfolio For Retirement

2019-07-28 21_14_41-Person Holding Pen and Planner · Free Stock PhotoIf you’re an investor that is fortunate enough to have amassed a portfolio capable of producing the income you require to live off of comfortably in retirement, today’s article outlines some fundamental principles to consider when designing a dividend growth portfolio for retirement, with the author advising that “These principles can be utilized to reconstitute a portfolio that has previously been more growth oriented when in the accumulation phase. Additionally, these principles can be utilized to effectively manage the portfolios of already retired investors focused on income.” For more, CLICK HERE.

The Million-Dollar Retirement Myth – And 4 Funds To Retire On Way Less

2019-01-20 15_50_50-WindowThink you need $1 million to retire? The author of today’s article calls that belief the “million-dollar myth” – and shows how, using a “4-pack” of closed-end funds with an average dividend of 8.5%, you can retire on less than half that amount. For the four funds in question – and what the author sees as a big reason for the existence of the million-dollar myth in the first place, CLICK HERE.