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What Used To Be, Is No Longer

Retirement PlanThings change with time. Technology has changed over the decades and even in the past few years. Clothing has changed (thank goodness, although I think the 80s may be making a comeback) over the years. And even the standards of retirement have changed. Gone are the days of knowing exactly when you’ll retire because it doesn’t always work like that anymore. Today’s article gives five new realities of retirement, here’s one, “The traditional career path is a relic of the past. The experience of a decades-long full-time job that is followed by full-time retirement is now the exception rather than the rule. Instead, many employees are leaving work in their 50s and taking lower paying temporary jobs for several years before full retirement. People in this stage of their working life have different attitudes and expectations compared to full-time employees, which presents new challenges and opportunities for both management and workers.” To read all of them, CLICK HERE.