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As They Increase In Importance, Be Aware Of These Health Savings Account Pitfalls

2017-07-02 15_59_43-Gray and Orange Backpack Worn by Man at Mountain · Free Stock PhotoAs Republican lawmakers haggle over the details of their Obamacare replacement plan, one thing that is certain is that, whatever the final product ends up being, health savings accounts (HSAs) will be a major component. And with them offering a “tax trifecta” of pre-tax contributions, tax-free growth and tax-free withdrawals (for qualified medical expenses), the use of HSAs has already been growing fast. But the author of today’s article cautions that there are some lesser-known HSA pitfalls people need to be aware of. To find out what these are – including why “unlike most personal-finance situations, with an HSA it may not be better to shop around” – CLICK HERE.