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401(k) Contribution Limits Appear Safe — But Tax Reform Could Still Deliver A Major Blow To Retirement Savers

2017-11-27 06_22_23-High Angle View of Pencils on Table · Free Stock PhotoDespite concerns that the Republican tax plan would deliver a major blow to retirement savers by dramatically reducing how much they could stash away in their 401(k)s each year, that provision has not come to pass. So retirement savers can breathe a sigh of relief…right? Not necessarily. The author of today’s article warns that “while it’s good that Republicans backed off on their idea to crimp 401(k) accounts, retirees—and soon-to-be retirees—should not think they’re out of the woods. President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan are now proposing a new cash grab.” To read more, CLICK HERE.