Using Gold To Protect Your Golden Years

2018-04-29 16_13_22-Free stock photos of gold · PexelsCan you afford to lose 30% (or more) of your retirement savings in the event of a market crash? If your answer is no, the author of today’s article – who believes a recession is coming within the next year – urges you to add gold to your portfolio, pointing out that, while “stocks and bonds have been in a major uptrend for 9 years and 20+ years respectively, and so are overdue for a correction… [gold] peaked in 2011 at $1,900 and has only recovered part of its loss so far.” But what gold investment may be best? CLICK HERE.

Expectations Game: How Long Will Your Retirement Last?

2018-04-26 08_47_22-500+ Beautiful Old Age PhotosIt’s one of the most important numbers when it comes to devising your retirement plan – but also one of the most difficult to pinpoint: how many years will your retirement last? The author of today’s article notes that “for many people this number is basically a wild guess, if it’s considered at all. That’s a problem because getting this right can be the difference between having a comfortable retirement and not.” So what does the data indicate about how long your retirement will last based on your current age and your retirement age? CLICK HERE.

It’s Complicated: Considerations When Incorporating Employee Stock Options Into Your Retirement Plan

2018-04-24 06_12_47-Free stock photos of employee · PexelsWhen it comes to amassing enough wealth to be able to fund the retirement lifestyle of your choosing, there are a number of potential sources to consider beyond a 401(k), including Social Security, pensions…and employee stock options. In regards to the latter, how can employee stock options be best incorporated into one’s overall retirement plan? Acknowledging that “the answer can get complicated”, the author of today’s article details the considerations involved – including some critical tax considerations. For more, CLICK HERE.

Strategies For Achieving Alpha At Home

2018-04-21 19_45_26-Reflection, light bulb, lightbulb and light HD photo by Johannes Plenio (@jpleniAchieving alpha in the financial markets is no easy feat. As such, the author of today’s article advocates that, in seeking alpha, “all of us need to look in our backyards, where all our personal financial decisions are waiting to be optimized.” How? He outlines a number of strategies pertaining to Social Security benefits, retirement accounts and taxes which, combined, have the potential to raise a couple’s standard of living by nearly 50%. For more, CLICK HERE.

Shaping Up A Retirement Savings Shortfall

2018-04-19 19_37_13-Free stock photos of empty glass · PexelsA disturbingly large number of Americans are underprepared – “massively underprepared”, as the author of today’s article puts it – when it comes to their retirement savings. What can these individuals do about their predicament? The author advises that, while “there is no one-size-fits-all solution for those who are underprepared for retirement…the best approach likely includes some combination of the three strategies outlined here.” For these three strategies for contending with a retirement savings shortfall – including the strategy that “leads to a far better outcome than a doubling of your investment returns” – CLICK HERE.

Are Retirees’ Concerns Over Health Care Expenses Overblown?

2018-04-15 18_48_03-Free stock photos of health care · PexelsAmong the concerns that weigh the most on retirees and those nearing retirement is health care expenses in retirement. And with various entities coming out with projected health care expense figures for the average couple in retirement – and many of those figures being staggering – it is no wonder. But is this degree of concern warranted? The author of today’s article notes that “it’s important to separate those health care expenses that can be planned and budgeted for, such as premiums, from less planned, out-of-pocket expenses” – and looks at what the health care spending of current retirees actually indicates. For more, CLICK HERE.

Emerging Markets: Should Retirees Avoid What May Be “The Only Stock Market Game In Town”?

2018-04-15 18_46_04-Free stock photos of old age · PexelsThe expectation in some circles is that emerging markets will be the only category of equities that will generate a significant return above inflation over the next 7 to 10 years. Given this, retirees may be tempted to allocate a sizable chunk of their portfolio to emerging market equities. Today’s article, however, outlines why retirees may be well-served to reconsider such a move, cautioning that “there are more ways to lose money and make substantial errors investing in emerging markets than there are in developed markets.” For more, CLICK HERE.

The “Paramount Threats” To The Income Security Of Those In – And Those Approaching – Retirement Today

2018-04-12 17_49_17-Free stock photos of planning · Pexels“There are factors threatening your plans for lifetime income security,” cautions the author of today’s article, who further observes that, while some of these factors are nothing new, “others are relatively new, or are becoming more significant.” He proceeds to detail the five trends and factors that he sees as the “paramount threats” to the income security of those in – and those approaching – retirement today. What are these threats – and how can you adapt your retirement plan to mitigate their potential impact? CLICK HERE.

3 “Best-In-Class” High-Yielders With Appeal For Retirees

2018-04-08 20_22_13-Free stock photos of best stocks · PexelsWhen it comes to what retirees typically want in their stocks, today’s article sums it up as “dividend stocks that have high yields, consistent payments, and good outlooks for the future.” The author proceeds to highlight three stocks that seem to fit this bill perfectly: a major oil company (which is positioned to continue to do right by its investors even if the oil market slumps), one of the biggest chemical companies in the U.S. (that you’ve probably never heard of), and a master limited partnership (with a decade-long track record of consistent payout increases). For more, CLICK HERE.

It’s National Retirement Planning Week. Here’s How You Can “Celebrate” (For Free!)

2018-04-08 20_18_47-Free stock photos of planning · PexelsIt’s National Retirement Planning Week – and in the spirit thereof (and given the market’s wild ride of late), the author of today’s article advises that “you may…want to set aside some time to see where your retirement plans stands and what the likelihood is that you’ll be able to fund a long and satisfying retirement.” He outlines two steps you can take in that regard – and highlights some free online tools that can aid you in your assessment. For more, CLICK HERE.