Good News May Come For Those Saving For Retirement

Retirement PiggyToday’s article discusses what new retirement rules may do for people saving for retirement. Here’s what they had to say, “Millions of Americans trying to save for retirement have ended up with investments where high fees cripple their returns over time. U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez says much of that is due to bad advice. “I hear story after story of people who trusted their adviser,” Perez says. Clients thought the adviser was looking out for their best interests, but “they weren’t,” he says.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Planning For Your Retirement

Retirement PlanThink you’ll work in your retirement? Today’s article discusses why you may not want to count on working into your retirement. Here’s what they had to say, “Often people want to continue working until later in life, but the survey found that 50% of retirees left the workforce earlier than planned, and of those, 60% left because of health or disability problems and 27% because changes in their company such as downsizing or closure.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Investing Like A Billionaire

HertzWant to invest like a billionaire? Today’s article highlights five stocks that billionaires believe may double their price. Here’s one of the stocks and what they think, “Hertz (HTZ) – Billionaire Barry Rosenstein, head of the activist hedge fund Jana Partners, recently said at an investing conference that he believes Hertz shares could triple in price. Rosenstein said Hertz could buy back as much as 20 percent of its shares, which would double earnings per share and cause the stock to triple.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Bad News Or Good News To Come

StarbucksToday’s article discusses how stocks could be facing a drop but may not be doomed. Here’s what they had to say, “A flood of big-name brands from Starbucks (SBUX) to Facebook (FB, Tech30) will announce earnings, which could send stocks in a tizzy. Investors always want good news, but they are especially on edge after the Dow’s 279 point drop Friday. There are two major themes popping up again and again in earnings: the harsh winter weather and strong U.S. dollar. Were they a big enough factor to drag down profits or are the best companies able to overcome those challenges?” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Cutting Down Your Taxes

Cut-TaxesIt’s much too late to lower your taxes for last year but there’s still plenty of time for this year. Today’s article explains how to do it, here’s one option, “Invest in municipal bonds. Top-rated 10-year muni bonds yield 1.85%, according to FMS Bonds, a muni bond dealer. A 10-year Treasury note yields 1.89%, meaning that no matter what tax bracket you’re in, you’ll have more income after taxes from a muni than a Treasury note.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Why ETFs May Be The Way To Go

Retirement PlanToday’s article explains why if you’re wanting to invest in your retirement, ETFs may be your best option. Here’s what they had to say, “ETFs in particular can be great picks for retirement accounts because they often offer lower fees than mutual funds while still providing investors with great diversification benefits. But some might be confused as to which are the best selections in the ETF world for IRAs but we have distilled the list of more than 1,700 funds into five which are compelling choices for long term investors (also see 3 High Yield ETFs for Your IRA).” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Check Out These Shorties

Wall StreetToday’s article highlights 19 stocks that are great for short sell. Here’s the first step in looking for stocks that fit the critera, “Look for individual stocks with high valuations. These names have a tendency of underperforming, says Goldman. Since 1980, firms with the greatest enterprise value to sales multiples have usually lagged their sector peers over the next 12 months, three years and five years out, notes Goldman. Similarly, the bank says a basket of the most expensive stocks, measured by a handful of valuation metrics, has underperformed the S&P 500 by an average of 5 percentage points on an annual basis, lagging in 25 of the past 35 years.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Should You Buy Now?

Stock-ExchangeToday’s article discusses why even though other people are starting to turn away from stocks, you may want to look into them. To read more, “The drumbeat of fears about the economy and shrinking earnings have suddenly made stocks look a lot less sexy. The ugly March jobs report — the worst since late 2013 — hasn’t helped. It’s no wonder the pool of stock market optimists has rapidly shrunk. Only about 50% of financial newsletter writers are bullish, according to a weekly survey by Investors Intelligence, down from 60% in late February.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Find Your Way To Early Retirement

PathOnce upon a time there was a person who saved up enough money for retirement so they were able to retire early. The End. Sounds like the perfect fairy tale right? Well it doesn’t have to be a fairy tale. Today’s article highlights people who have done it, here’s what they had to say, “In a March study of Americans with investible assets of $1 million or more, BMO Private Bank found that most planned to retire by 56 and that 20 percent planned to retire by age 40. But more than half those surveyed said that their retirement plans included work, with 21 percent planning to work part time, 21 percent planning to start a new career and 11 percent planning to start their own business.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Don’t Make These Expensive Mistakes

OopsMaking mistakes can be bad enough but what if they cost you some serious cash?? Today’s article discusses expensive mistakes you may want to avoid. Here’s one of them, “Stinting on saving. Asked by researchers for TIAA-Cref’s Ready-to-Retire survey what they could have done differently to better prepare for retirement, nearly half of the near-retirees polled said they wished they’d saved more. Good answer. Because over the course of a career, failing to push yourself to save can cost you big time.” To check out all of them, CLICK HERE.