Easy To Follow Retirement Timeline

RetirementPaperworkHere’s a great retirement article with a timeline to help guide you in making the best decisions for your retirement. The timeline starts at 50 and explains that while you are still working you should, “begin making catch-up contributions to your retirement accounts. The annual catch-up contribution for an Individual Retirement Account is $1,000 on top of the base $5,500 annual contribution amount. For a 401(k) or 403(b) workplace plan, it’s $5,500 on top of the base $17,500 annual contribution amount.” To see what you should be doing after 50 through 70 1/2 (that’s no typo), CLICK HERE.

Saving A Little Is Still Saving For Retirement

American retirement plan concept with word cloudEven if you aren’t saving as much for retirement as you think you should or would like to, there’s no need to panic. Today’s article discusses six ways people who save less for retirement can still do it. Here’s one,”Some people believe that their home is their retirement investment. However, downsizing before retirement not only provides savings from the sale but a wise choice for a new home can reduce home and perhaps other expenses dramatically thereby providing funds for additional savings.” To read about all of them, CLICK HERE.

Move Over Stock Market?

Computer MouseTechnology may be at it again. It seems like technology is always bringing change and it’s usually in a big way and now it may be changing the way we invest. According to today’s article, people are, “… going to Google (GOOGL, Tech30) to find things tied to hot tech trends like seed funding and startups. In fact, there are more searches now for crowdfunding platform Kickstarter than “buy a stock,” according to the Google Trends data researched by ConvergEx.” Want to read more, CLICK HERE.

Investors Moving To Foreign Stocks

QuotesHere’s a shocking statistic from this week’s article, “With U.S. stocks at records and many commentators saying they’re overpriced, American investors are diversifying into cheaper international stocks. Investors have pulled a net $6.3 billion from U.S. stock funds this year, according to Investment Company Institute (ICI) data, while putting $60.5 billion in foreign stock funds.” Today’s article explains why Americans are pulling their stocks out of the U.S. and sending them abroad. To check it out, CLICK HERE.

When Only One Of You Is Ready To Retire

Senior Couple Calculating BudgetWhat can you do when you are ready to retire but your partner is not. Have you and your spouse discussed this? It’s a more common problem than you’d think and today’s article explains what can be done to help. Here are some statistics from the article, “A survey commissioned by the company found that 42% of couples ages 50 and older have had in-depth discussions with their spouses about their net worth; 41% have discussed where they’ll live; and 57% have talked about wills or inheritance plans.” To read entire article, CLICK HERE.


Watch Out For These Stocks

QuotesToday, we’re looking at an article that has composed a list of nine stocks that you may want to stay away from. Here’s how the stocks qualified to make the cut, “to make the list, the stock need to get a “strong sell” or “sell” rating from S&P Capital IQ, a “very dangerous” or “dangerous” rating from New Constructs and an average “hold” rating from Wall Street analysts.” Want to check out the stocks and make sure they’re not on your must have list, CLICK HERE.

With 401k You Can Become Ready For Retirement

American retirement plan concept with word cloudAre you using your 401k to your advantage? If not, there’s no better time than to start now! According to today’s article, Americans who take advantage of their 401ks will be more prepared when retirement comes. Here’s a quote from the article, “…those individuals who have a workplace-based retirement plan, on average, 35 percent of their retirement income should come from a 401(k) or other retirement savings plan. And the average required savings rate to achieve that level of targeted income is 14 percent — if savings starts at age 35 and retirement occurs at age 65.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Stocks Continued To Rise Despite Last Week

Wall StreetToday’s article takes a look at the market and describes what happened last week. “U.S. stocks rebounded significantly after a sharp sell-off Thursday. The Dow rose 123 points and ended the week up by 0.9%. The S&P 500 moved 1% higher Friday and closed out the week with a nice gain of half a percentage point. The Nasdaq bounced around 1.6% Friday and also ended the week up.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Best Stocks During Earning Season

chipotleToday, we’re checking out an article about some stocks that really excite and others that don’t during the earning season. Here’s a quote from the article, “some of the stocks are upside standouts, and some have taken the biggest hits. Stocks in the large cap S&P 500 index were evaluated based upon how they traded in the first full trading session after an earnings release, and the average return was calculated over the past four seasons.” So, want to see who made the list? CLICK HERE to find out.