These Biotech Companies Await FDA Decisions In October

There’s perhaps no greater catalyst for shares of a biotech company than FDA approval of one of its product candidates. Conversely, an unfavorable ruling by the FDA can send shares of a biotech firm plummeting. With the FDA having approved 40 novel drugs so far this year (compared to 27 by this same time last year), today’s article takes a look at biotech companies that are expected to receive FDA rulings in October. For more, CLICK HERE.

This Speculative Biotech’s Treatment Candidate For Head And Neck Cancer Gives It Massive Upside Potential

With the global market for head and neck cancer expected to reach $4.5 billion by 2027, the clinical-stage immuno-oncology company highlighted in today’s article – which has entered into a clinical trial collaboration with Merck to treat patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma with its lead product candidate – has massive upside potential. For more on this company and why the author believes it’s a good speculative biotech to buy, CLICK HERE.

7 ‘A-Rated’ And Aggressive Biotech Stocks To Nibble On

“These companies are all making important strides in next-gen solutions for COVID-19, cancer and other sectors. But remember, they’re small companies in a risky space, nibble on them and be patient,” advise the authors of today’s article in regards to the seven “A-rated” aggressive biotech stocks they highlight. For these seven biotech stocks – and whether they could be “Master Key” investments – CLICK HERE.

How Biotech Investors Can Survive – Or Even Take Advantage Of – This Election Season

While the author of today’s article acknowledges that “biotech investors…tend not to be a squeamish bunch”, he observes that the “looming presidential election could still cause them some visceral discomfort.” Recalling the 2016 presidential campaign, in which both major candidates’ rhetoric regarding drug pricing caused biotech stocks to plummet, he advises that “investors shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of another election-related selloff” this time. So how can biotech investors survive – or, better yet, take advantage of – this election season? CLICK HERE.

Which Of These Small-Cap Biotechs With Unique COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates Is The Better Buy?

At the beginning of the year, the two biotechs highlighted in today’s article weren’t even big enough to be considered microcap stocks. Now, thanks to their respective COVID-19 vaccine programs, both are fast-growing small-cap stocks with “intriguing twists with their respective COVID-19 vaccine candidates.” So which of these two coronavirus stocks might be the better buy? CLICK HERE.

Presidential Elections And Buying The Biotech Dip

What’s behind biotech’s recent underperformance? One important factor may be the impending presidential election – and as one exchange-traded fund strategist cited in today’s article explains, “…if history repeats, this pullback may represent an attractive buying opportunity.” What does the history of biotech’s performance leading up to and following presidential elections suggest about buying the biotech dip? CLICK HERE.

Emerging Coronavirus Stocks: Potential Multi-Baggers

When it comes to the advantage that emerging coronavirus stocks have over their more established counterparts, the author of today’s article notes that, “While coronavirus vaccine companies such as Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer have market caps amounting to tens of billions of dollars, small- to mid-cap coronavirus stocks can potentially be multi-baggers, albeit with higher risks.” He proceeds to take a look at four such emerging coronavirus stocks – and why he believes that “investing $3,000 in any combination of them is a good idea.” CLICK HERE.

Do These Heavily Shorted Coronavirus Vaccine Stocks Present Profit Opportunities?

“With all of the hype about the race to develop coronavirus vaccines, it’s not surprising that short-sellers have piled on some of the stocks of biotechs with COVID-19 vaccine candidates,” acknowledges the author of today’s article. He further points out, however, that “if these companies have good news, there could be a short-squeeze scenario where the stocks skyrocket as short-sellers scramble to cover their positions.” So which coronavirus vaccine stocks are the most heavily shorted right now, potentially setting up big opportunities for investors? CLICK HERE.

Cash In On This “Strong Buy” NASH Stock

In the wake of two seemingly negative events, shares of the nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) drug developer focused on in today’s article experienced a sharp sell-off at the end of last week, but one analyst is imploring investors to “view last week’s weakness as a prime buying opportunity” – and sees massive upside potential of 210%. For more on this stock – which boasts a “Strong Buy” consensus rating from analysts – CLICK HERE.