What Is “Resulting” – And Why Is It Dangerous To Your Personal Finances?

2019-08-05 21_11_30-Book, text, diary and grey _ HD photo by NORTHFOLK (@northfolk) on UnsplashIf someone saves nothing for retirement, enjoys their hard-earned money during their working years, and then unexpectedly inherits a windfall at age 60, was not saving a good decision? Conversely, if someone saves diligently for retirement, lives frugally during their working years, and then dies suddenly from a heart attack at age 60, was saving a bad decision? This type of thinking, the author of today’s article explains, reflects the concept of “resulting” – and he warns that “In personal finance and investing, resulting is dangerous.” For more on resulting and the danger it poses, CLICK HERE.

Making A Pension-Less Retirement Work

2019-08-03 19_10_45-WindowThe author of today’s article – who is fortunate enough to have a pension – is concerned about the majority of Americans (including his own children) who are not so fortunate, and who will have to rely on Social Security and their investments to fund their retirements. His fear? “Even if these folks are saving regularly, they don’t really understand how to invest or how to manage their nest egg once retired.” He proceeds to outline everything involved in making a pension-less retirement work. For more, CLICK HERE.

Time & Retirement: Investor And Market Implications

2019-08-01 18_01_31-Eventually everything hits the bottom... _ HD photo by Aron Visuals (@aronvisualThere was a time when people didn’t worry about retirement, because there was no such thing. Rather, with significantly shorter life expectancies, most people worked until they died. As the author of today’s article notes, “The average American now retires at age 62 while 100 years ago, the average American died at age 51” – and this development has some critical investor and market implications. For more – including the biggest risk retirees face, whether the baby boomer retirement wave could crash the markets, and “two simple solutions that can make your money go further to take advantage of the fact that people are living longer” – CLICK HERE.